Application for ASM Associates


Welcome to ASM Associate application page.

Criteria of Selection

  • Candidate is willing to contribute to ASM and to the nation through ASM;

  • Candidate has a distinguished track record in his/her own specialisation;

  • Candidate is recognised as a subject matter expert in his/her field and is involved in societies or professional bodies;

  • Candidate has a good network and has demonstrated collaboration with national, regional and international organisations, centres of excellence, research institutions or industry.

Submission of Application

  • Recommendation letter by a Fellow, TRSM recipient or YSN-ASM member is optional.

  • Application is open on 3 July 2023 and closes on 31 August 2023.

  • Open to citizens and non-citizens.

  • Candidate from science and non-science field can apply.

Privileges and Eligibilities

  1. Associates being a member of ASM EXPERT NETWORK will receive invitations to ASM programmes, events, and annual dinner.

  2. Receive updates on ASM activities through newsletters, email announcement, etc.

  3. Entitled to access ASM Publications and facilities, such as the library, meeting rooms, etc.

  4. Eligible to publish in ASM Publication upon approval from ASM Publication Committee and ASM Council.

  5. Opportunity to build network and linkages with ASM Fellows, sister academies around the world, and affiliate institutions/organisations of ASM.

  6. Not entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and vote.

To submit an application, you are required to register. If you already have an account, please login to continue. Please ensure that the email you provide is active in order to receive confirmation email from us.

For any further information and enquiry, you may contact the following ASM officials:
  1. Ms Siti Farhana Bajunid, Analyst, ASM Membership Affairs Unit ( Tel: 03-6203 0633 ext. 238, Email: ); or

  2. The Membership Affairs Unit ( ).

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